How to maintain a Laptop


How to maintain a Laptop

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It is very important to know how to take care of your laptop well.Laptops are expensive and if we do not handle the device with good care it may get damaged eventually.To maintain the laptop in good condition you need to keep certain things in mind.


There are some steps we can follow to keep the laptop in good condition.


1. Keep liquids away

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With very special care, you have to remember to keep your cup of tea or coffee away from the device. Liquid, whether hot or cold should not come near the laptop.

2.Installation of Anti Virus softwareAdware and Pay-Per-Install software deals rake in big money | BetaNews

The downloaded content may contain viruses. Therefore the safest thing would be to protect it by installing available latest anti-virus software.

3.Keep food away

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Like any liquid, food is also to be kept away from the laptop. The food particles if entered into the device can create trouble. So, you should never eat near the laptop.

4. Avoid using the laptop in a room with animals

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Animal fur can cause damage to your laptop. You should be careful about not using it where animals are near.

4.keep the computer in a clean and dust-free room.

As you know dust is the enemy of almost any electronic gadget, it is very important to keep or use the laptop in a dust-free room. For the longevity of the device

5.Using a laptop with clean hands

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To keep the health both of the user and the laptop it is advisable to clean the hands before touching the laptop. This is hygienic and it protects the surface of the laptop. 

6.Protect the display of the monitor

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To protect the display of the computer you have to take care that any object is not kept inside in time of folding the device.

7.Hold and lift the laptop by its base

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The proper way of holding and lifting a laptop is to hold it from its base and not otherwise.

8.Handling the power cord properly

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You should not apply force when pulling or putting the plug off.

8.Do not press the computer cord with the chair

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Sticking the cod with tape in the desk is a good way to protect the cord. Arrange the cable in an organized way.

9.Plugging the accessory device into the proper slots.

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10.Handle any removable drive with care

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Removable drives should be stored or kept in a safe box so that it does not crush or break.

11.Do not let your laptop exposed to extreme heat or cold

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12.Don’t leave your laptop in a car

To avoid theft or damage of the laptop due to rapid change in the temperature, do not leave the laptop inside a car.

13.Remove internal dust annually

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Yearly removing dust from the laptop helps to keep the laptop in a good condition. It is a routine duty to follow.

14.Do not keep any heavy object on the laptop


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Your laptop can get damaged due to the pressure of a heavy object. It would be safe to keep your laptop away from any pressure of heavy objects.

14. Laptop bags are safe

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There are fewer chances of breakage or damage to the device if a laptop bag is used while moving.

15. Use the laptop in a well-ventilated space


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16.Using cleanup software is a good idea

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For keeping your computer under constant surveillance from the unnecessary programs installed during various activities.

18.Keep the laptop on a flat surface

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