Different types of Laptops


Different types of Laptops


How To Open A Computer/Laptop Showroom?

There are different types and categories of laptops. All the laptops are created different; they differ in size and shapes, methods of inputs, or functionalities, and so on. All of them are computers of various appearance and packages.

Laptops are now one of the most popular gadgets evolving sustainingly. Many types of laptops exist. Laptop categories are broadly divided into the following major categories.



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Notebooks are sometimes called the Garden-variety Laptop. Essential qualities of a Notebooks are  –

  • 5 to 8 pound weight
  • Portability
  • 13 to 16 inches display
  • Provided with sound cards
  • Sophisticated graphics
  • Gaming and Multimedia


What is an Ultrabook? | TechRadar

To be an ultrabook these features are crucial  –

  • The thinness. On an average it weighs  3 pounds
  • Average 15 inches display
  • Longer battery life for lower power processors
  • Keyboards are usually smaller


Netbook Image

Netbooks are actually small and do not cost much like other laptops. Usually, the processor is less powerful and the keypads are smaller. Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface have damaged the popularity and business of Netbooks. These competitors are offering much more sleek and attractive designs and power.

In brief, the specialities of Netbooks comprises of these things  –

  • Thinness
  • small volume
  • Smaller keypads


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Tablets are very popular, small,multi-task laptops. Tablets have certainly accelerated in popularity.

The uniqueness of Tablets

The smallness

Smaller to the bigger display unit

Can be utilized professionally

Desktop Laptops

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The name Desktop Laptop itself suggests the replacement of Desktop. Thus the portability is not the factor, although it can be moved according to the requirements.


  • Comparatively more weight
  • Larger display unit
  • Broader keyboard


Thus, by analyzing all the above-mentioned aspects we can come to the conclusion that choosing the right laptop is not at all an easy job. There are notable differences that help us to acquire knowledge and come to the proper decision according to the priority.

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