General Instruction to keep your Laptop Clean and Healthy


Computer and Laptop in harnessed to the daily use of men and women at their working places or at home.  Dell is now one of the successful Laptop brands worldwide and there are millions of Dell Laptop users in India. It has been seen that the users think that they could repair laptop at the first hand by the help of youtube video or by reading any online tutorials. Without identifying the real cause of error, it’s not possible to get it troubleshoot.  Further, it may damage the other spare parts of the laptop as laptops tend to have a rather short lifespan. So, it is always a good stride to get repaired the laptop through an expert technicians. If you want to upgrade your laptop’s memory, then you must visit a Laptop Service Centre and consult with experienced technicians. Don’t do it by yourself as it is really hard to upgrade. It’s never a good idea to try repairing laptop on your own!! 

Dell Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Dell Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Here, follow the tips to keep your laptop up to date and clean.

  •  Shut down laptop properly and unplug the charger every day after completing your work.
  •  Always keep water and other liquids away from your laptop; in order to avoid splash of water on Laptop keyboard.
  •  Keep your laptop screen and keyboard clean – do use a cotton swab to clean dust particles on keyboard.
  • If Laptop Operating System is corrupted then install original Operating System instead of pirated one. Download drivers from the manufacturer’s website; else follow their instructions.
  • Install antivirus from genuine sources and update virus definition files periodically that safeguard from loss of any precious data.
  •  Choose secure browser for safe browsing and download files from secure websites.
  •  Delete history and other temp files from time to time to speed up your laptop.
  • Back up your valuable data after every fortnight
  • Do not save your data in Desktop or in C drive (where program files are stored) as you lost your data when operating system is corrupted.

Once you notice any hardware issue in your laptop, get in touch with Laptop Service Centre. Before giving the laptop for repair prefer collecting a slip and mark that the laptop belongs to you. If you live or stay in and around Kolkata then visit to Dell Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata to get best service for your laptop.

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