Best Dell Laptop under 30000

Best Dell Laptop under 30000 1. Dell Vostro 143405   From an aesthetic point of view, Dell Vostro 143405 is not the most attractive laptop under 30000 in the market. Still, considering from an overall analysis it can be counted as one the best Dell laptop under Rs,30000 in India. Indeed, there are so many […]


Tab vs Laptop

Tab vs Laptop Both Tabs and Laptops are seen to be among the most popular gadgets in the contemporary world. Therefore, The topic Tab vs Laptop involves the identification and a comparative analysis of both Tabs and Laptops. We shall however see that Tabs and Laptops have each their merits and demerits of their own. […]


Best tab in India under 10000

Best tab in India under 10000 Are you planning to buy a tab within Rs10000 in India? Then this article is the right place for you where all the relevant facts and information are gathered together. Importantly, we provide useful data for analyzing many aspects of techno facts. Thereby, it becomes easy for our readers […]


Best laptop under 50000

Best laptop under 50000 in India   In this article, we are going to talk about the best laptop under 50000 in India. Hopefully, our readers will be benefitted from all the latest information. These facts and data are, as well, relevant for bringing an overall idea to mind through compiling all the related issues […]


Laptop purchase guide

Laptop purchase guide So many factors play an important role when it comes to select the right laptop fit for you.¬† It is really not an easy and short task to compile all the relevant information together. Comparing all the necessary facts and features of different kinds of laptops take indeed a lot of time. […]


Different types of Laptops

Different types of Laptops   There are different types and categories of laptops. All the laptops are created different; they differ in size and shapes, methods of inputs, or functionalities, and so on. All of them are computers of various appearance and packages. Laptops are now one of the most popular gadgets evolving sustainingly. Many […]


Latest Laptops From Dell

Latest Laptops From Dell Dell is counted among the leading laptop brands. It is manufactured, developed, and marketed by Dell.Dell 316 LT was the first Dell laptop that was introduced in 1989. In this article, we are going to discuss the latest laptops from Dell. The branding of top Dell models is based on the […]


Top five standards a laptop service center should have

Top five standards a laptop service center should have The laptop is one of the most popular gadgets in today’s world. There exist a wide range of varied brands and configuration of it suited to meet the needs of various purpose. There are essentially five primary standards and qualities a laptop service center should have. […]


How to maintain a Laptop

How to maintain a Laptop It is very important to know how to take care of your laptop well.Laptops are expensive and if we do not handle the device with good care it may get damaged eventually.To maintain the laptop in good condition you need to keep certain things in mind. Greeny Directory.com There are […]


General Instruction to keep your Laptop Clean and Healthy

Computer and Laptop in harnessed to the daily use of men and women at their working places or at home.  Dell is now one of the successful Laptop brands worldwide and there are millions of Dell Laptop users in India. It has been seen that the users think that they could repair laptop at the […]